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Since 2006, Mixed Metals, an owner-operated company in Vernon BC, has been providing homes and businesses from Salmon Arm to Lake Country with heating and cooling systems, and prides itself on quality workmanship. With 15 years of experience installing commercial and residential heating duct systems, we make sure your equipment is installed correctly.

Our “Armstrong” line of heating equipment is made exclusively for the Canadian market and is sold thru Ecco Supply. This means equipment and parts are almost always in stock. Mixed Metals is also a distributor of “Lifebreath” HRV products.

Sales & Services

We Sell and Install HVAC Systems

Mechanical systems are a vital part of any building. They are your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, drainage, and fire protection systems. Whether in your home or your office, mechanical systems help provide the basic necessities to achieve a comfortable, and safe, living or working environment.

  • Pellet Fireplaces
  • Wood Stoves
  • Custom Steel
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Air Conditioning
  • Furnace Replacements
  • Commercial Kitchen Metal Fabrication & Custom Stainless Steel
  • New Home Construction HVAC & Heating System Installation
  • HVAC, Furnace, Fireplace & Wood Stove Repairing
  • Ductless Split Heat Pumps, Sales & Installations


Hydronic heating systems: Hydronic or radiant heating is an eco-friendly, quiet heating system that uses tubing and hot water to run heat beneath your floor or baseboards. New installation techniques now make it possible to install hydronic tubing below hardwood floors, laminates, vinyl and carpet.

Furnaces: Today’s more energy efficient models can save you up to up to half of what you spend on fuel compared with older models. We install top quality products with the latest technology, lasting performance, great warranties, and all with excellent service and support.

Hot Water Heaters: We install electric or gas hot water heaters. Water heating amounts to about 20 percent of a home’s heating costs. We can help you determine the most effective heater for your home. We have several options for you to choose from, including energy efficient, compact, space saving designs.

HVAC: Mixed Metals can install your entire HVAC system and we will find the best solution to match your project requirements. Call us today for a free consultation for residential or commercial applications.

Another alternative to heating are the efficient pellet fireplaces and wood stoves available on today’s market. Perfect for cozy evenings in the winter, or to heat a downstairs space, pellet stoves are a popular choice for homeowners.

Air Conditioning

If you plan to cool your entire home, central air is typically your best choice and needs the implementation of duct work. If you want to partially cool your home or commercial space, a split-ductless system may be your alternative.

The size of your air conditioning unit is very important, as an underestimation in size leads to inefficiency, and an over-estimation causes your living space to become cold and clammy. We can calculate the size of cooling equipment you need and install the ductwork or sheet metal work for your central air system.

Heat Pumps are an inexpensive alternative to a cooling-only air conditioning system. Heat pumps that draw heat from the ground, rather than the air, are more expensive to install initially but are an excellent choice for colder climates because they maintain operating efficiency and save on heating bills over the long term.

Sheet Metal

Mixed Metals supplies custom ducting for forced air heating furnaces.

Mixed Metals

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*Quality Lifebreath Academy Member. The Lifebreath Qualified Member Seal signifies that your contractor is factory trained to install Lifebreath Residential HRVs.

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